Ecologically clean production

Greenhouse complex “Tulskii” - modern full cycle agricultural enterprise. We control every stage of product cultivation. Thereby we guarantee the highest quality indicators of vegetables.

Cultivated in organic soil

Artesian water irrigation

Pollination by bumblebees

Biological crop protection


About company

Greenhouse complex “Tulskii” - modern agricultural enterprise specializing in year-round cultivation of fresh vegetables.

GC “Tulskii” is one of the largest capital investment projects currently implemented in central part of Russia.

The first phase of the greenhouse complex with an area of 26.05 ha was put into operation in January 2020.

Simultaneously we are carrying out the preparation of the land plot of the 2nd phase of construction project as well as the preparation of design estimate documentation for the 3rd phase of the project. After commissioning of the whole enterprise, the total area of the greenhouse facility will be over 77 ha.

The professional team, modern agritechnologies and high level of greenhouse technical equipment are the main components of our enterprise success and give a guarantee of good product quality to our consumers!

GC “Tulskii” is a whole complex that includes, along with greenhouse areas, its own power center, warehouse space and sophisticated transportation infrastructure, required for the convenient year-round vehicle access.

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