For cultivation in the greenhouses of TK “Tulskii”, our agronomists selected varieties specifically intended for protected ground. Their distinctive features are improved flavor characteristics.

To date, medium-fruited yellow plum tomato is grown in the greenhouses.

Оnce up and operational the next areas, the product range will expand significantly. It is planned that the production program of the greenhouse complex will include red round tomato, cherry tomato, as well as cocktail varieties of this crop.

Each of the varieties will be delivered both in the form of individual fruit, and on the vine.

The Russian consumer is more familiar with the first option, when individual tomatoes can be purchased by weight. Tomatoes on the vine, most commonly, have individual packaging, labeling. GC “Tulskii” will offer its customers the opportunity to choose, as well as guarantee of quality and product safety.

Рис. 1 _Томат сливовидный желтый.jpg
Tomat yellow plum-shaped